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You may not realise it right now but photographs are the only thing that lasts past your wedding day and only increases in value overtime as they become all you have left to remember your special day. So it is super important that before you decide to book with me that we are the perfect fit for each other. If your looking for the cheapest deal or someone with a camera to just be present on the day, that’s totally fine but I want to give you so much more than that. “Just the photographer” on your special day isn’t my style, I want to be your new found friend, someone you can trust and feel comfortable around. If you still think we are a good match then I would love to meet up with you over coffee or Skype if you are far away, so we can discuss all the details. I want to know everything, how you meet and what you treasure most about each other so I can create images that best represent your unique love-story.


I am available for weddings, engagements, couples and family sessions all around New Zealand. I’m currently based in Auckland. For destination weddings please get in touch for a quote.